Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tragic Mulatto - "Chartreuse Toulouse" (1990)

The Part Time Christians post got me thinking of another classic on Alternative Tentacles that's been lost to oblivion; this one. Even on the 'net there's an appalling dearth of info on this band: the Wikipedia entry goes to the literary character/device from whence they get their name, with a "for the rock band click here" link, which brings you to a paltry one sentence entry. On RateYourMusic there's a horrendously bad photo of the cover, as well as incorrect info in the comments identifying the singer alternately as Flatula or Fistula. I recall it as Flagella, but who knows, it could have been either/all at one/any time. (If you have any useless trivia to add, please do so in the comments).
All I know about 'em is that Flagella was a big girl, they had a tuba in the band, were from Frisco and they rocked balls.
I have another release that's a comp of their first 2 records I'll post later this weekend cos it's fucking great as well. This record, featuring a green Toulouse Lautrec on the cover (and here I'll go off on a tangent and recommend you rent John Houston's 50's film "Moulin Rouge" which is great for Jose Ferrer playing the drunk with the little legs by walking on his knees and for the wicked Parisian prostitutes cruelly abusing him)...anyway, it's a great late-80's noise rock slab in the Buttholes-vein. It's considerably more restrained and, um, tuneful than their earlier work. This is their last album and is a fine note to go out on. It opens with a great Slade (!) cover, I Don't Mind, with can you go wrong?
Nice, clean (for a change) 320 vinyl rip HERE.

01. I Don't Mind
02. Stinking Corpse Lily
03. Debbie
04. My Mother
05. Rhythm of Barcelona
06. Bathroom at Amelia's
07. Scabs on Lori's Arm
08. Farm
09. Man With a Tan
10. Rise Up/Get Down


Nathan Nothin said...


The last two posts are spot on with my listening/mindset right now. Two albums that I once had that have fallen by the wayside of life (lost, sold, or stolen...the unholy trinity of gone musick). I'm goin' to a Big Lebowski fest next Sunday so let me know if it's kool to link to the Part Timers (bowlin',nudge - nudge - wink - wink - know what I mean - know what I mean).


I seem to be having a problem getting the Tragic M. download. megaU says file temporarily unavailable but for more than a temporary amount of time.
Let me know if it's just me.

Again, Thanks

Nathan Nothin said...


Thanks for fixin' the download.
Got it.
Now I'm going after fallin' Italians.

Aesop said...

Great band, great blog. Their singer's name was Gail and she was/is an amazing woman. She alternated as a lounge singer doing ribald torch songs. We worked together briefly at the same courier company. Some of TM's songs are about being a courier and reference San Francisco street names "Bush and Kearny"

Ploni said...

תודה רבה!!!!!

Peter said...

אתה מוזמן!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'm pretty sure her stage name was 'Flatula'. They were great live. Oh if anyone's interested I just ordered a vinyl copy from Alternative Tentacles... $9 cheap.

Zhead said...

Now I just wonder if anybody here
has their album called "Judo for the Blind" (probably the best of them), impossible to find it anywhere on web.
Pls share if you can.
Thanx in advance

Ploni said...

Judo For The Blind just for you