Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Terveet Kädet - "The Horse" (1985 Full LP)

One last Finnish Hardcore record before I move on to tamer, saner things!
I've seen a 7" reissue EP version of this up a few places, but never this original, full 12" LP. I offer this up in 320kps so if it is up somewhere, maybe not so nicely...
TK are one of the classics of Finnish HxCx, and one of the longest lasting. I don't know if they are still doing anything, but my cousin Krisse told me a couple years ago they still were doing shows, at least. Their name translates as "Healthy Hands".
This LP is a heavy, full-on sonic assault and not for the timid. They do a version of The Stooges' Search and Destroy.

As for the cover, when I first got this in the mail back in '85 from Toffo at Barrabas, I laughed my ass off when I saw it. Because when my sister and me spent summers with our farmor:grandmother in Finland as kids in the 70's, we would always have spiral-bound notebooks of graph paper for letter-writing, doodling, etc. kids-stuff. And they always had horsey pictures exactly like this one on the cover. (And it was always graph paper, for some reason, and we took to writing very tiny and geometrically within the squares...)
Also on the cover photo you will notice a price sticker with "ROCKS $3.99". There is a story behind that and I will tell it to you!
Back in '94 my friend Butch and I were going to England for the Reading Festival (and to visit my friends), but after buying the airline ticket I was pretty broke. So I brought a couple crates of records to one of my favorite shops, Rocks In Your Head on Prince Street in SoHo (NYC). They bought the lot, at a decent price and we had a smashing time at the festival. Lots of good stories which maybe I'll find reason to tell in a future post.
As often happens with all us record heads, selling vinyl for rent or trips or food is a last-ditch necessity (after we have sold our mothers and sisters, haha) fraught with anxiety and regret. Lots of good vinyl was forever lost to me, including most of my massive Fall collection. Some months later I was in the shop browsing through the records, looking for anything I might want to buy back. I didn't find hardly anything, but this one was there. And I did regret letting it go. As it was priced at only $3.99 and after hearing my tale of record-selling woe, the kindly clerk let me have it back, gratis. I thanked him very much and went on my merry way.
Now if this was a shop that had specialized in hardcore, like MacDougal Street's Revolution Records, this certainly wouldn't have happened. Because they would have had it up on their wall for $75 or so and would have snickered at my tale of woe. But Rocks didn't know what to do with this record, and he told me so.

01. Pushed Too Far
02. President's Dream
03. Another Side of Life
04. The Leader
05. Star Wars Game
06. Voodoo
07. Sexsick
08. The Power
09. All or Nothing
10. Search and Destroy
11. Gates of Hell
12. Day of Judgment
13. Out of Date
14. All Fools Day
15. Misunderstood
16. Introvert
17. No Man's Sky
18. Demon Seeds
19. The Horse
20. Metal Massacre

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Great story.
I too remember getting this one in the mail when it came out.
Your a good writer.Keep up the good work!

Gobble deGook said...

They're still going strong. Saw them yesterday live, Läjä is 50+ and no probs. to keep up with the younger ones!

Anonymous said...


sfdoomed said...

Enjoyed your write up on the band! This might be the last LP for me that I like before they went too metal.

I'm replacing my existing mp3 version of this with your better quality one. Thanks a bunch!

Gerund said...

Just found the LP for three bucks! Lucky me.