Saturday, August 16, 2008

Part Time Christians - "Rock And Roll Is Disco" (1984)

Here's a great Alternative Tentacles record that I don't believe has ever been released on CD. Very hard to find anywhere these days.
This was a 45rpm 12" mini-album, half of which concerns...bowling. Hysterically so. As a reaction reaction to all the skate punk releases at the time, PTC came up with a great tongue-in-cheek alternative. Songs like Bowling Pin Massacre, Orthopedic Bowling Shoes and Gutterball made this a must-have for me. Lines like "The pins see you comin and down they fall / I turn to my homeboys and say with a grin, I'm a damn good bowler for the shape I'm in", delivered hip-hop style with already hopelessly dated beats had us rolling on the floor. This segues into Orthopedic in screaming, sandpaper-throated hardcore style but not letting up on the laughs: "My bowling shoes are custom made, cos I know bowling shoes help me get laid / Foxes go into orgasm when they see my shoes, when I ask them for sex they can't refuse" (this couplet in again, already in '84 hopelessly cliched, "Wild and Crazy Guy" accent).
I loved all this back then cos all that skate-this-skate-that shit was boring me to tears, much as I loved JFA. At least they had a sense of humor as well as chops. But most of those bands were, to me, hopelessly earnest. i.e. boring.
And this isn't straight edge (tedious) hardcore, but screaming, screeching loud-ass Rock with a capital R. My favorite off the bowling-tip here is Bonique, with the line "Every time I phone her, I pop a big huge boner". Something I think we can all relate to, haha.
My terribly overplayed vinyl's rip is HERE

01. Religion On A Stick
02. Bonique
03. Case
04. Strength Thru Bowling
05. Bowling Pin Massacre
06. Orthopedic Bowling Shoes
07. Gutterball
08. Salisbury House


Nathan Nothin said...

Thanks, I put an update on the Lebowski fest post about PTC.

It's the tenth anniversary of The Dude & there is a special new dvd release, so they'll be showin' that & there'll be a lotta drinkin' Caucasians & a lotta bowlin', some bands playin'. People dressin' up like their favorite characters & spoutin' lingo from the flick, sometimes some celebs show up...or not, like, who the fuck cares. Just a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon/evening & a good excuse to miss work Monday.

Hey, you're word verification sez dfubs...who the hell are d' Fubs?

Sorry, one too many Depth Charges (Boiler Makers...whatev)

haizman_brain said...

I thought the lyric went "a big hangin' boner", not "a big huge boner". It too is my favorite lyric from the whole album, and its a distinct difference that has added something special to the mystique of the record. Essentially, to have a big hanging boner vastly surpasses a simple big huge one.

Peter said...

Haha you're prolly right, though I've never heard that one...must be a California thing.

haizman_brain said...

I scanned the album and lyric sheet when I gave my vinyl rip to LoResViscera. You can check it out here....time has yellowed the paper a bit. Keep the blog going for a while if possible! Thanks.

Peter said...

y'know I got that and don't think I ever read those wacky photos, though!