Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lydia Lunch - "13.13" (1982)

While I'm on LL here's another hard-to-find one. This came out on Slash Records' subsidiary Ruby Records and I think it was one left on the shelf when they sold out with/to Warner Bros. No doubt it scared/confused the corporate idiots. It even took them ages to re-release Gun Club's "Fire of Love", a bona-fide classic. And when they did it was with a neutered cover from their art department flunkies. God it was awful: 2-tone baby shit colored with zig-zag triangles on the bottom FIRE get it? Fucking stupid. At least when they put it out on CD they restored the voodoo cover. But this ain't a Gun Club post, it's about Lydia and her howling stomping lumbering caterwauling album that is 13.13. This was pretty radical sounding in '82 and paved the way for the even more awesome sound of Swans. Anyway, it's not a great album, but I like it. Just can't listen to it every day, like "Queen of Siam".
Vinyl rip is HERE

01. Stares to Nowhere
02. 3X3
03. This Side of Nowhere
04. Snakepit Breakdown
05. Dance of the Dead Children
06. Suicide Ocean
07. Lock Your Door
08. Afraid of Your Company


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Pessimist,

lots of Thanks for your Blog. First Time, that I come across 13.13 (and:
RUIN!!!)in the Blogosphere.
Best Wishes (from Germany)

Peter said...

Glad you like, thanks!

hdvns said...

Also a first timer here and surprised to find this. Been looking all over for it. THANKS! I believe this was made with The Weirdos...?

bumkuncha said...

Hi Peter,

great post, great blog!

I've linked you back!

Cheers to New Zealand!

bumkuncha said...

@ hdvns:

Discogs says:

Bass - Greg Williams
Drums, Percussion - Cliff Martinez
Guitar - Dix Denney

I only associate Denney with the Weirdos, but I don't know their line-up at 1983.
Martinez was the drummer of RHCP in their good old days.

coca-cola said...

Downloading because i fucking love the Gun Club.

Anonymous said...

Man, you wouldn't believe (SERIOUSLY) how long I've been waiting to hear this one...! IBx

Li$u said...

Thanks a lot for this one mate, cheers from Poland!

Tom said...

Thanks, I was just turned on Lydia Lunch by a friend, he played me a song from this album – many thanks for the cultural deed of upping this!

Best greets from warm Tuscany.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Another gem of an album sold for rent and food! Thanks for uploading.

Anonymous said...

I've heard there was a reissue CD and vinyl made by a french record, the first one really approved by Lunch. Did someone knows something about it. I don't know how to find it and nothing concerning the release date...