Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Jam - "Live! EP" (1986)

Here's a quick little one since I just realized it's been several days since I've posted. Busy, busy, time flies...
This 4-track 7" EP came as a freebie in the initial pressing of the best-of LP "Snap!", no doubt as an inducement to people like me who already had everything by The Jam. Worked, too, as you can see.
Of the four songs, none of them were on the "Dig the New Breed" live LP from a year or two previous. I remember I tagged this onto a C-60 of that album for my cruising-around wasting-gas listening pleasure, and as that record was culled from different performances throughout their career, it flowed more-or-less seamlessly. Since then, Move On Up has appeared on a posthumous live album, but the other three songs are unavailable live elsewhere.
Nice cover, too!

01. Move On Up
02. Get Yourself Together
03. The Great Depression
04. But I'm Different Now

Vinyl rip @192 right HERE

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