Saturday, August 30, 2008

Guided By Voices - "Bee Thousand - The Director's Cut" (2004 3xLP)

This is an out-of-print three LP set subtitled on the Scat Records website as a "10th Anniversary 'What If?' Edition". From what I can remember from reading the liner notes, the "Bee Thousand" LP kept changing as Robert Pollard sent in cassettes to the label, from track listings and songs to the title of the album itself. This release attempts to put it all together. A big convoluted mish-mash, in my humble opinion but that's Guided By Voices for ya, eh?

Copied and pasted from the Scat site:
Sides 1-4 are an early Bee Thousand sequence, at the time titled "Instructions to the Rusty Time Machine."
Side 5 has the official Bee Thousand tracks not included in the 2LP sequence (and a bit besides).
Side 6 compiles the Grand Hour and I Am a Scientist eps, along with an outtake from the latter. This version of My Valuable Hunting Knife is very different, very rock - not just a studio version. A highlight, for sure.

I have put the six sides together as two "Discs", Sides 1-3 on Disc 1 and Sides 4-6 on Disc 2.
This was a royal pain-in-the-ass, as GBV songs not only run together, but often one song will sound like three or four distinctly different songs. I think I did a pretty good job of it and if you have any complaints, well, buy one off eBay and do your own.

If you wanna restore the original 3LP's six sides, go to Scat's page for it Here. They'll also tell you where non-Bee Thousand final CD songs ended up being released, and the six previously unreleased songs and/or versions on here.

My 320 vinyl rip is here: DISC 1 and DISC 2

Disc 1:
01. Demons Are Real
02. Deathtrot and Warlock Riding a Rooster
03. Postal Blowfish
04. The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
05. At Odds With Dr. Genesis
06. Hot Freaks
07. Queen of Cans and Jars
08. Bite
09. It's Like Soul Man (4 track version)
10. Supermarket the Moon
11. Stabbing a Star
12. Ester's day
13. Her Psychology Today
14. Good For a Few Laughs
15. Smothered In Hugs
16. What Are We Coming Up To?
17. Peep-Hole
18. Revolution Boy
19. Indian Was an Angel
20. Zoning the Planet
21. Scissors
22. Crayola
23. Kicker of Elves
24. 2nd Moves to Twin
25. I'll Buy You a Bird

Disc 2:
01. Awful Bliss
02. Echoes Myron
03. Why Did You Land? (4 track version)
04. You're Not an Airplane
05. Crunch Pillow
06. Rainbow Billy
07. Tractor Rape Chain
08. Crocker's Favorite Song
09. I Am a Scientist
10. Buzzards and Dreadful Crows
11. A Big Fan of the Pigpen
12. Mincer Ray
13. Way to a Man's Heart
14. Twig
15. Gold Star For Robot Boy
16. Hardcore UFOs
17. Yours to Keep
18. Shocker In Gloomtown (demo version)
19. Break Even (demo version)
20. I'll Get Over It
21. Shocker In Gloomtown
22. Alien Lanes
23. Off the Floor
24. Break Even
25. Bee Thousand
26. I Am a Scientist (7" version)
27. Curse of the Black Ass Buffalo
28. Do the Earth
29. Planet's Own Brand
30. My Valuable Hunting Knife (Shernoff version)


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Nicely done, and much appreciated, sir.

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