Tuesday, July 8, 2008

V/A - "Get Off My Back - Philly Hardcore Compilation" (1983)

I saw this classic comp up on some blog which I can't recall trolling around a few months ago. But I offer it here to you in a big fat 320kps rip (albeit in 3 files. Sounds awesome, though). Another reason I wanted to post it is for the cover art. I photoshopped the shit out of my old, dirty, crinkly LP cover, blowing it up a jillion percent and cleaning it up pixel by pixel. Well, not that intense, but it took a while and I think the results are worth it. Drag the photo over to your desktop, or the jpeg's in the third file, whichever you prefer.
As for the record itself, it's one of my old favorites. Not that all the tracks/bands are great, but there's a great diversity of sound that reflects the Philly scene back in the day. It's not as homogenous as the similarly themed "This Is Boston, Not LA" (though I love that record, too, you gotta admit it's hard to tell a lot of the bands apart).
My favorites here are the YDI tracks that open the album. I gotta say I was pleasantly surprised to find them getting some due in the "American Hardcore" film and soundtrack (though not too surprised, considering Steven Eye donated tons of his video footage from Love Hall shows). YDI are fierce, brutal and beautiful. At least until they went schlocky metal with the "Black Dust" LP. Their "A Place In the Sun" ("is where the nuns lick the devil's cum", as Jackal scrawled on a note when I got the 7" in the mail all those years ago) remains a bona-fide hardcore classic.
Also great are the Autistic Behavior tracks that close out side one; I saw them one time only, opening for Bad Brains at the Elks Center in January '82. I think No Milk and/or Sadistic Exploits also played...anyway, a GREAT show. The McRad tracks are choice, I think their best ever right here.
Anyway, this is a fun spin all the way through that rarely strayed far from my turntable in all those 25 years...wow, TWENTY-FIVE years. Yeah, this is the 25th Anniversary post!

01. Enemy For Life (YDI)
02. I Killed My Family (YDI)
03. Murder Castle (FOD)
04. Suburban Cowboy (FOD)
05. Conspiracy (Blunder Boys)
06. I'm Afraid of the Night (Blunder Boys)
07. Middle Class Morals (Blunder Boys)
08. No Justice-No Law/No Crime-No Flaw (Little Gentlemen)
09. T.V. Messiah (Autistic Behavior)
10. Power Head (Autistic Behavior)
11. Proof (Ruin...)
12. Love Dog (Ruin...)
13. Right and Wrong (Informed Sources)
14. Dense Pack (Informed Sources)
15. Brain Down (Seeds of Terror)
16. Straight Edge (Seeds of Terror)
17. Inflation Dub (McRad)
18. Ejected (McRad)
19. Ooleigh at Great Adventure (The Heathens)
20. My Twin From Hell (Who WAS That Guy?) (The Heathens)

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T R said...

Thank you Peter, great time seeing ruin back in the day!

Howie Wells said...

Wow. Hadn't heard this in years... I grew up in Pittsburgh, but used to go to a few shows in Philly back in the day..Remember CIRCLE OF SHIT? You wouldn't know anyone who has their stuff anymore, would ya? Brubaker was a cool guy, heard he's a tobacco chewing cowboy type now..Dunno if that's true..We're all pretty different now, i guess..

Anyway, thanks for posting this!!!
Really appreciated.

fred said...

Thanks for this man! I just saw Y-DI live and got curious.

Lo-Res Viscera said...

You wouldn't happen to have "Discpan Hands" compilation, would you?
Or any of the She-Male War Machine / Experience stuff?
Or more RUIN, perhaps?
Seems I lost my copies...

Aesop said...

Nothing more feral than YDI at their peak.

RodifiЯe naTas said...

"i kill my familyyy!"


Max said...

Thanks--I was looking for my copy of this recently and couldn't find it--a real nostalgia trip but it still sounds good.