Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Pessimist Club

Another ill-fated internet venture for me? My podcast didn't hold my interest, not least of all due to iTunes' indifference to it. Fuck them.
So here I will periodically post music that A) is hard to find, physically or on the blogosphere (christ, I  never thought I'd use that ridiculous word), B) I like and would like to share, C) I think will annoy as many people as possible, D) any combination thereof.
So to start off I will click "publish post" and see what this stupid thing looks goes...


michaelDUSTdevil said...

good one sir!... we did gigs with Tragic Mulato but i can't help you with any info... as that part of my brain has been chemically removed... i do, vaguely remember putting Johnny Thunders drummer, Tai Sticks up in my apartment for quite a while though, after he had been set on fire by some kids whilst sleeping in the street... gack!... i'm hung over... great blog... Mxxx

der likedeeler said...


you've started a real cool blog. gratulations. i found you over bumkuncha's unknown worlds. if you want i'll take you to my blog-roll and introduce your blog to my readers.

Good luck and regards

der likedeeler

Anonymous said...

Having just looked over every post in your blog and ignoring all the productive things I intended to do this morning because I've been enraptured by your selections and comments on them, I have to tell you what a tremendous success this is. I've seen a more than my fair share of blogs and this one is exceptional. Congratulations on a project well-done. Cheers!