Monday, July 28, 2008

Melvins - Slap-A-Ham 5" Single (1990)

A little something to hold you over til a proper post. Lazy me. But this is a good one, two Flipper covers by Melvins. This is a weird little 5" single in a clear bag. There's no identifying info on the record (though I think there's something in the runout groove, but I'm not anywhere near my records to check and tell you what it says). Bag has a clear sticker with the flipper fish logo, and "Melvins" with the 'x' as Flipper wrote it. But you can see all that.
I remember when I got this I hadn't heard the Melvins at all, if I had even heard of them yet...but I was a huge Flipper fan, so the fishy caught my eye. I was impressed that they do Flipper right. It's funny, I looked this up for info (3,000 pressed - not too rare) and on a Melvins discography the guy says pretty much the same thing about it.
Not much else to say...this is for sale for US$39.99 at Kreation Records website if you want your own copy. It's a cool thing to have, but I don't know at that price...

01. Love Canal
02. Someday

Right HERE. Rock on.

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