Thursday, July 17, 2008

Me So Clever...

No download here, as this is all over the web (for instance HERE...there, I've done the work for you). Just wanted to share this little cover I made in the spirit of the original Album/Cassette/Compact Disc covers for this fairly-decent 1986 release. I got to wondering, I wonder what cover you get if you download it on iTunes? So I looked it up and was quite disappointed to see you get the "compact disc" cover. Someone's not on the ball somewhere. So I made this one up, same generic Helvetica font and all! Simply drag and drop onto your desktop or iTunes or wherever it is you would put such a thing. (Ideally, click on the image first for a slightly larger version.)
Oh, and I won't get into the whole ripping Flipper off blah blah. Flipper's one of my all-time favorites, so I know all about it. Maybe I should make one up for that, too. OK...stay tuned!


L. Van Pelt said...

Brilliant! Thanks much!!

Mona said...

Very clever and now graces my file, thanx.