Wednesday, July 30, 2008

La De Da's (EMI NZ comp 2003)

Here's a great Sixtie's garage comp by New Zealand's premier band of the time, the La De Da's. I'm posting this to bring a bit of my new home to you. Plus I don't think it's been up on Kiwi Tapes or even the great TwilightZone! blog (though I could be wrong).
I got this in Wellington from one of those bargain tables out front of a record store on Cuba St. When I asked to have a listen (as you can do at all shops here, imagine!) the clerk got all excited I was interested in this and suggested some others. He was obviously stoked to have a customer he could relate to. A foreigner interested in 60's Kiwi Rock! We chatted for awhile about the great Northwest and The Sonics, Wailers, etc.
As I had limited funds, I only got this (by far the best of what I heard) and one of the V/A comps he suggested. But as that was a "Volume 2" and they were out of the first one, I'll wait til I can locate Volume 1 and post them both, perhaps.

This disc starts off with their biggest hit, Little Girl, and features lotsa great R&B covers (Stupidity, their excellent take of I Put A Spell On You, etc. And check the organ on Respect!) as well as indulging in the penchant of seemingly all the bands at that time: the instant cover version (Land of 1,000 Dances, Whatcha Gonna Do About It, etc).
All in all, an excellent, necessary addition to any collection of 60's psych/punk/garage!
I can't imagine this is very easy to get elsewhere, and the only other thing I saw online was another out-of-print collection on Amazon third-party. So get this while you can...320kps
Right HERE, mate!

01. Little Girl
02. Ever Since That Night
03. How Is The Air Up There
04. The Pied Piper
05. Don't You Stand In My Way
06. I Take What I Want
07. Hey Girl
08. On Top Of The World
09. Little Red Book
10. Jump Back
11. Bright Lights Big City
12. I Put A Spell On You
13. Whatch Gonna Do About It
14. Land Of A Thousand Dances
15. Shake
16. Parchment Farm
17. I Got My Mojo Working
18. Ride Your Pony
19. Stupidity
20. Coming Home
21. I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
22. Respect
23. Find Us A Way
24. All Purpose Low
25. Too Many Fish In The Sea
26. Rosalie
27. Thank You For The Flowers
28. Hey Baby

Cuba St., Wellington, NZSlow Boat (not where I got this CD) is a great shop w/ lotsa vinyl. I got a nice 12" by The Clean. And a Lee Perry/Mad Professor 2005 NZ/Aussie tour Tee(!) I asked the clerk about Dead C vinyl and he said that when they do have any, it's usually imported from the States! Oh well, so much for that dream...

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"How Is The Air Up There?" .. what a magnificent noise!!