Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Electric Love Muffin - "Playdoh Meathook" (1987)

Another Philadelphia band, ELM straddled the Hardcore/Post-Punk era of the mid-late 80's. You could say they were an early "alternative" band (though I despise that marketing term). They played lotsa shows around the Philly/Allentown area and were always fun. This is their first LP. A highlight of the album is their raucous cover of "Norwegian Wood", a bookend to Ruin's "White Rabbit" in the previous post. I had a nice video clip on Youtube of them doing that song at CBGB, but my whole account was pulled by NBC's corporate control-freak pricks for having the B-52's on SNL up, nevermind that 98% of my clips were my own and shot with permission (many remain on my Myspace. Click on "more from this user"  at the end of the Ruin vid, below. Lotsa good stuff).

01. Backstreet Ride
02. I Should Have
03. Look For Me
04. Norwegian Wood
05. This Time I'm Gone
06. Blackness That Could be Blue
07. The Muffin March
08. One Year Removed
09. Tomorrow's Regrets
10. Magna Opus

Get the UPGRADED 320kbps vinyl rip HERE!


d.ross said...

No one seemed to notice this one. I loved this band when I lived in Philly back in 87-88. Must have seen them 10 times. Always fun, drunken and super-fast. Heavy-metal-fan brothers on drums and lead guitar and a country rock singer. I remember the albums being fun although a little light in the song-writing.
Thanks for posting!
d. ross

Rich Hayseed said...

I wondered what happen to that video! That show was loaded with all kinds of drama, but I loved playing CBs. I don't know how they made the drums sound so good in that place.
If there is anyway of getting a copy/file of said Muffin vid, I would be eternally grateful. You can track me down at myspace / Richard Kaufmann.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I've been looking for a digitized version of this. Too lazy to patch the turntable to the computer these days.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this. Seeing ELM for the first time at DU as a Penn freshman in '85 completely reoriented my perspective on music.

- Jon B

G said...

Always great Live, esp. at the Kennel Club. I have the Second Third Time Around LP if you'd like.