Sunday, July 6, 2008

Decontrol - "Songs From the Gut" (1985)

Staying on the Philly tip, here's one of my fave LPs from the 80's, a short, sharp missive from the gut that doesn't fuck around. Neither hardcore, post-punk, alternative or whatever lame catregory you could come up with, the Lp's title says it all. Pure unadulterated angry rock 'n' roll. Catchy tunes, too.
Surprisingly, I never saw these guys during their heyday, but did get to catch them opening for Ruin on their '96 reunion at Nick's. Was not disappointed. Too bad no-one was there yet when they went on, but they played their hearts (guts?) out for me, my friends and a few other early birds.

01. Young and Tired
02. Bunker
03. Deathwish
04. Holiday In New Jersey
05. Never Again
06. Philly Cops
07. Fascists
08. Pillhead
09. Too Much Pressure
10. Prostitute
11. Decontrol Theme
12. 1992

Get the UPGRADED 320kbps vinyl rip HERE!


Anonymous said...

I remember this one quite well - I used to hang out on occasion with the guitarist. Rich was a great guy, and a damn fine guitar player.

Brett said...

FYI, they're playing a show on Dec 20th at Kung Fu Neck Tie in Philly with Violent Society and the Missile Toads.