Thursday, July 17, 2008

Charlie Feathers - "Get With It - Essential Recordings 1954-1969" (1998 comp)

This is an amazing, must-have compilation for ANY good music collection. Released in 1998 in a typically gorgeous Revenant Records (John Fahey's label) edition, it cosists of two discs. The first is a chronological collection of "hits", not that they ever were, really. Charlie Feathers is most well-known in the underground music community for the original version of The Cramps' song Can't Hardly Stand It, which I'm sure most of you have on either one of the different "Songs The Cramps Taught Us" or "Born Bad" comps. That's how I was introduced to him, and yes, that's on here, but there's so much more as well. It starts out pretty much in full "Hillbilly" (as they called it then, not me) mode, a dead-ringer for Hank Williams but not suffering any for it. Moves on to hiccuping rockabilly and ends in something akin to the Tex-Mex sound popular in the late 60's with Deep Elm Blues. In between we get the politically incorrect Tongue Tied Jill, about a girl with a speech impediment, and Jungle Fever which, know.
But it is on the second disc, the unreleased and rarities, where the revelations are. The three-songs-in-a-row of We're Getting Closer To Being Apart, The Man In Love and Johnny Come Listen are my favorites, and a mind-blower. The Man In Love sounds more like Elliot Smith than Elvis Presley (for whom Feathers penned I Forgot To Remember To Forget). Way ahead of its time. And the ghostly, echo-laden Johnny Come Listen gives me goosebumps every time.
This 2-disc set is long out-of-print and goes for big bucks on eBay and Amazon's secondary sellers (where I sold mine to help raise money for my New Zealand trip). I offer it to you in a 320kps rip, first disc HERE, and second disc HERE. Enjoy!

Disc One:
01. I've Been Deceived
02. Peepin' Eyes
03. Someday You Will Pay
04. Defrost Your Heart
05. Wedding Gown of White
06. Get With It
07. Tongue Tied Jill
08. One Hand Loose
09. Can't Hardly Stand It
10. Bottle To The Baby
11. Everybody's Lovin' My Baby
12. Too Much Alike
13. When You Come Around
14. When You Decide
15. Nobody's Woman
16. Jungle Fever
17. Why Don't You
18. Dinky John
19. South Of Chicago
20. Nobody's Darlin'
21. Deep Elm Blues

Disc Two:
01. Runnin' Around
02. So Ashamed
03. Honky Tonk Kind
04. Frankie & Johnny
05. Corrine, Corrina
06. We're Getting Closer To Being Apart
07. The Man In Love
08. Johnny Come Listen
09. Talkin' 'Bout Lovin'
10. Early In The Morning
11. Don't Let Me Cross Over
12. Where's She At Tonight
13. Don't You Know
14. Wild Side Of Life
15. Release Me
16. Feel Good Again
17. Defrost Your Heart (Early Sun Demo)
18. I've Been Deceived (Early Sun Demo)
19. Bottle To The Baby (Early Sun Demo)
20. Bottle To The Baby (Sun Demo)
21. Bottle To The Baby (King Alternate Take)

Charlie Feathers died in 1998. I don't know when in relation to this release...


s'ville said...

Thank you so much! Been looking for this for quite a while.

Ramone666 said...

Muchos gracias amigo!

ib said...

Thank you for this, and for fleshing out the detail with regard to the 2nd disc and its contents... Cheers!

Anonymous said...

charlie died just after this came out