Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bunnydrums - Little Room / Win 7" (1981)

Here's a nice little 7" from '81 to hold you over. Bunnydrums were a Philly band that trafficked in New Wave (as it was called then) with a sinister undercurrent. There were a couple similar bands in Philly at the time--Executive Slacks and Pretty Poison come to mind. The Stickmen. And take out the undercurrent, The Vels.
Not much to say about this one 'cept it's very danceable! This always got 'em up on the dancefloor, whether back in the day or more recently at my monthly punk rock dance party in Tucson. Not-so-coincidentally also called The Pessimist Club (I decided to nick the name from myself!).
Tucson has a weekly dance meat-market for drunken sorority girls and the like called The Optimist Club (which they nicked from Lions or Rotary or something like that). That not being my cup of tea, not least of all due to the exceedingly BAD music, I started The Pessimist Club as an antidote, as a reaction, as a couple fingers up their nose. Actually, it had nothing to do with its evil twin, I just thought the name was clever, and as we mainly played punk/hardcore/noise, it fit perfectly.I do miss TPC, but I am glad to hear my cohorts are carrying on the tradition with jazz and noise nights. The Tucson underground scene is in good hands...

Back to Bunnydrums. Like just about everybody else from that era who isn't dead, they have been back together and doing shows, though I think they're based in NYC now(?), with the de rigeur Myspace page and all. Anyway, good for them! I'm sure they're better than 90% of the crapola that passes for "punk" these days. But I won't get into all that (maybe I would if we didn't have the likes of Clockcleaner offering hopes for the moldy corpse).
Get this single HERE. And dance, baby!

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