Thursday, July 17, 2008

Billy Childish & Sexton Ming - "Which Dead Donkey, Daddy?" (1987)

Here's an out-of-print and hard-to-find LP from 2 Medway scene greats together. You can still buy their other collaborations, "The Cheeky Cheese" (my favorite) and "Here Come the Fleece Geese", a kind-of sequel, so I won't post them here. But I had to suck it up and dish it out on eBay for this one, to complete my collection. And well worth it, it was. Don't really know what to tell you about this. Thee World-Famous Billy Childish needs no introduction, so I'll concentrate here on the other half. Sexton can be an acquired taste, to put it mildly, but one I acquired immediately. I first heard him years ago on Track 1 of Disc 2 of Sub Pop's "I Am Thee Billy Childish" compilation. I was stunned, "Woah, this ain't Billy" thought I and immediately hit the booklet to see that it was some bloke named Sexton Ming, and it was from this very LP you are now downloading (if you know what's good for you). Years of half-hearted searching for it yielded no results and it receded to the back of my mind and my priorities. Then one day I was talking to my friend Ella, an American living in London. She mentioned that she was dating a musician, a fella by the name of Sexton Ming. My jaw hit the floor. Not that this would be so unlikely, Ella was after all one-half of the Voodoo Queens and quite an accomplished (and now fairly famous) painter (Stuckist). It was just that, was Sexton Ming!
So not long after that I got to meet the man when they flew in to NYC, where I lived at the time. He kinda freaked me out at first, being very quiet and well, if you've seen pictures, you understand. Finally he spoke to me: "I like beer". I had to agree, I did to. We were at a bar on St. Marks and after a few pints we were all lubricated and getting on famously. Turns out he's one of the sweetest gentlemen I have had the pleasure of meeting. He reminds one physically of nothing so much as a Weeble.
After Calamari at Dojo's (L-R): Your Humble Narrator, Sexy, and Thee Timmytatts, 1997

And I am happy to tell you that all these years later, Sexton and Ella are still together, with a family now, a lovely daughter, Lucy. Though I haven't seen them in ages, we are still in email contact. And I miss them.

01. Dung Beetle
02. The Story of the V2, Bomber
03. Mission Mulch
04. Let's Buy a Car
05. Big Beetle Mumma
06. Lesson Number One
07. The Scare-Crow Nation
08. Trixy the Jolly Dustman
09. The Arthur Young Workbench
10. The Double Axe
11. Schrimp Goes Shopping
12. Wally the 2nd Hand Salesman
13. I'm Living in a Grave
14. Who's Driving This Car
15. Talk Dirty To Me
16. Dead Donkey
17. Go To Sleep

Get the nice big fat 320 rip right HERE.
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